Mailing List Guidelines 1.0.1

Here are some pointers which you need to keep in mind:

  1. Always use a search engine before you ask a question.
  2. Text in ALL CAPS is considered analogous to rude screaming. Please be polite.
  3. Avoid sending mails without a proper subject. Always include a concise heading.
  4. Do NOT send HTML mails to the list. Also don't send dual-format mails containing both text and html.
  5. Avoid using SMS lingo, for example 'u' for 'You' etc.
  6. Never hijack a discussion thread. Always start fresh thread for discussing different topic.
  7. Trim your replies properly. Follow interleaved or bottom style of posting to the list.
  8. Use [Commercial] tag in subject line for mails related to Jobs.
  9. Use [OT] tag in subject line for any info which is Off Topic.
  10. Avoid cross posting.
  11. Avoid sending attachments to the mailing list. Add a link to the content hosted elsewhere instead.
  12. Use for posting Output or Error log.
  13. Go through Shakthi Kannan's Presentation here.
  14. How to Ask Questions


If you'd like to leave feedback, please open an issue on GitHub.


Creative Commons - CC BY 3.0