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PyDelhi and Me!!

whats the fuss about, and whats in it for me

So what is PyDelhi

  • a volunteer organization
  • a group of technically inclined students, professionals and teachers and entrepreneurs
  • who want to learn something new
  • having a common primary interest in the python programming language.

what do we usually do:

  • have a short weekly VOIP call using mumble
  • have fortnightly meetups in the physical world.
  • organize workshops in educational institutions.

    what are our meetups like:

  • a workshop
  • a talk
  • physical world networking
  • coding sprints (coming soon!!)

how does it help you?

  • Hire or get hired!
  • find collaborators for your project.
  • free consulting / mentoring **
  • learn new stuff!!
  • find like minded geeky friends

** pro-bono, occasional and for friends.

how can you help?

  • host a meetup / organize a workshop in your institute
    • space
    • infrastructure
    • sponsorship
  • increase pydelhi's reach with social media
  • conduct a workshop / give a talk.
  • want to code: projects at

want to stay in touch?

  • voip: mumble

PyCon India 2016:

  • is happening in Delhi
  • lets collaborate and make it happen.
  • come be a part of history !!