FOSS mega meetup at Adobe Noida

Meeting location was Adobe's Sector 25 A office

A monster structure enhanced with striking colours, surrounded with the strength of dull dark in the center. It resembled an incredible place for a super meetup like this one. Not just venue, Adobe likewise gave us incredible quality food and snacks. Not once but thrice. What's more, the staff from Adobe, was extremely courteous to us. Thanks Adobe India for hosting us again!

After registration as I entered the hall , introduction session were going on. The fun intro or you can call it as an ice breaking session was followed by the first talk was by Ashutosh Kumar Singh. The talk was about how to learn efficiently. With great ease he explained that sitting in a classroom tuning in to a teacher has a craving for getting the hang of… Reading a book on another subject has a craving for adapting… but since they are overpowering detached exercises, they are wasteful. It is far more terrible than wasteful, it is counterproductive in light of the fact that it gives you the false impression that you know the material. He also subdivided learning and stages of learning in different parts/topics.

This efficient learning talk was followed by a coffee break which was very refreshing.

Second in line was Hina Watts on concurrent programming using Akka. She made a pressing point that sometimes java programs which run till EOF have longer runtime than creating the program. Even though thread can be an approach to solve many problems but threads always seemed really complex to me. Doing the assignments with increasing complexity it will be very difficult to maintain the code. Here the actors in java come into play. She also threw some light on the capability of akka to work in distributed environment. The session was quite informative.

After Hina’s talk a panel discussion on how companies can collaborate with open source and can generate revenue. Companies that contribute to an open source project get to know the technology at a much deeper level than they would by "simply" using the technology.

Following by the panel discussion the members had mouth watery lunch by adobe. After lunch we gathered in the main hall to attend a Panel discussions on how to collaborate with different Free and Open source communities. They discussed how you as an individual can join an open source club. How you can contribute to the open source world , generating revenue with the open source communities. These discussions were quite motivating.

The meetup was marked close by a the Lightning Talks. It was more of an idea sharing session, then showdown of skills. As you all know, in lightening talks, people from the audience are given five minutes to talk and present whatever idea they have.

The best part of Mega meetups like these is networking that is, you get to know new people , the positions they hold and their skillset. Personally what I think, networking, communicating, telling a bunch of people about yourself, your skills ,achievements boosts your confidence and reciprocating skills. You make new contacts, links which is definitely beneficial for you in a long run.

We honestly want and hope for more and more participation in our meetups and the whole tech world. With that, we came to the end of another meetup. But before we sign off, let me thank all those communities, other than PyDelhi, because of whom this all could become possible:

**Indian Linux User Group Delh**i

**Facebook Developer Circle Delhi NC**R

**PyLadies Delh**i

**Linux Chix Indi**a

**Blockchain De**v

**Hyperledger Delh**i

**Mozilla Delhi Open Communit**y

It was great working in a joint effort with every one of these communities.PyDelhi needs to express profound gratitude to them for getting together for this meetup and envision working with them again in future.